Creative strategist and Militant mentor

There is always another option.

I'm Aya, some call me Ayka. I'm an art school trained creative strategist and founder with 15 years of experience in design. I'm all too familiar with the well known imposter syndrome and excited to talk through it with you. I LOVE helping creatives find confidence and re-establish a sense of direction. I feel like we are the most misunderstood folks in tech. I push my mentees to move to the next step with some guidance and tough love. Let's discuss where you are at!

Wearing many hats let's you know which hat looks terrible

I've honed my skills across various design domains, from post-production to graphic design, illustration, web design, product design, and animation. My time at RISD taught me invaluable problem-solving abilities, effective presentation techniques, and how to refine my artistic eye.

Looking back, I realized that transitioning from school to the 'real' world lacked clear guidance. Now, I'm committed to helping emerging creatives step into the professional arena with confidence and clarity.

If you're concerned about making the leap into the professional world, I'm here to listen. I'm not a certified mentor or coach, but through experience, I have collected some wisdom. Every journey is unique, so let's assess where you're at and where you want to go. What I learned along my journey is that it is important to try things in order to figure out who you are, if you just sit at home and research, you will never really know.

What I bring to the table...

Years of Experience - Fitness X Webflow Template

Design experience

I have extensive experience spanning diverse design fields. If you're a fellow creative seeking professional insight or collaboration on refining your portfolio or projects, I'm available to assist.

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Support & motivation

Sometimes it is just about that extra push. I'm dedicated to actively listening to your needs and providing honest guidance and encouragement to propel you forward.

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Commitment to you

I am devoted to nurturing your growth and assisting you in gaining the confidence and framework necessary to progress to the next stage, regardless of your current position.

It is scary to get started...

It is absolutely normal to be nervous and overwhelmed when pursuing a creative career, especially when the industry is changing so fast. Sometimes it takes a while to get a job, you have to send out your resume daily, talk to your network, and find professionals who can vouch for you.

The journey is never an easy one as a creative, so you have to be willing to put yourself out there, price your work confidently, and be aware when you are working in a position that doesn't serve you. There is never one solution that fits all, every situation is unique, so it is important to be aware of where you are at currently and where you envision yourself next.

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