About Me

Hi, I'm Ayka, your brutally honest mentor

I recently relocated to Denver, Colorado, drawn by the allure of the mountains. As a city girl seeking tranquility, I've found myself yearning for a sense of peace. Throughout my journey, I've discovered a deep passion for mentoring creative individuals. Surprisingly, I've come to realize that I derive greater fulfillment from guiding others than from actively engaging in creative pursuits myself.

What's my story?

Since my early childhood, my mother instilled in me a deep appreciation for art and creativity, exposing me to a diverse array of artistic expressions. Growing up in an immigrant household devoid of guidance or mentorship, I navigated my creative journey largely on my own. It was a process of self-discovery that stretched into my late-30s when I finally recognized my true calling: to champion and support the very same creative individuals with whom I had collaborated for years.

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I also have a youtube series about AI tools for designers

Times are changing really quickly and it is really important to stay in the know and be aware of the new tools out there. I just launched a youtube channel focused on these new platforms for creativity.

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