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Mentoring packages

Creative mentoring

$ 250.00 USD

This is a great option if you need to talk through your current situation, share your work, re-evaluate your interests, and get some feedback on your work. This includes 2 one hour sessions where I learn about you and we create a plan to move forward. I will also help you plan out a wireframe of a simple website, reel, or portfolio.

2 sessions customized for your needs
Goal setting exercises
Confidence boosting tools
Access to whatsapp group
Extensive feedback
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Smart goal intensive

$ 1,200.00 USD

This is a long term commitment that lasts for 4 months, where we meet every week and I focus on helping you accomplish a short term goal. I provide a space for you to talk through what you are working on. This package also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to some interesting like-minded creatives.

4 month workshop with weekly 1 on 1's
Weekly 1 hour sessions
Optional group meetups
Access to whatsapp group
Extensive feedback
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Art is a complicated topic

For fine artists preparing for an exhibit

What kind of artist am I?

$ 500.00 USD

This is a workshop specifically for artists who are focusing on launching their first exhibit and building their collection.

1 month commitment
Weekly 1 hour sessions
Brand strategy
Artist statement workshop
Event planning
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